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On our third day of our Asia expedition, we visited Tokyo's Akihabara.

Asia Expedition - Akihabara

Tokyo is such an interesting place to visit, full of extreme traditional to ultramodern districts.  The first couple of days in Tokyo, we saw the super modern high end shopping district Ginza and visited Tokyo's oldest Temple, Sensoji or Asakusa District.

Today, we're visiting Akihabara - major electronic haven, full of the latest and greatest in electronics:

Visit Akihabara

[caption id="attachment_2837" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Asia Expedition Lily Daily - Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan[/caption]

Visit Japan Expedition

Animes and video game arcades:

Anime at Akihabara

Tokyo Expedition

Tokyo Akihabara Anime

And females dressed in Maid uniforms inviting customers to visit their Maid Cafes:

Maid Cafe Asia Expedition MaidIt was a fun day!
Akihabara Tokyo Anime Electronics

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xox Lily.