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We did some awesome skiing at Mount St Louis Moonstone today.  It was beautiful out and the ski hills were full of fresh powdered snow thanks to the snow storm that passed by a couple of days ago.Awesome Skiing At Mount St Louis Moonstone

Awesome Skiing At Mount St Louis Moonstone

Mount St. Louis Moonstone is a Southern Ontario ski resort situated North of Barrie and is about an hour and a half drive away Toronto.  It's a popular skiing and snowboarding destination especially amongst families and schools.  Not only is it easy to access since it's located literally just off of Hwy 400, it is also a safe place to enjoy the sport since the resort makes sure that each child goes through an assessment before giving them the "pass" or sticker that identifies the level they're at or which runs or hills they're allowed to go on.

Perfect Skiing Day At Mount St. Louis Moonstone, Ontario

Awesome Skiing At Mount St. Louis Moonstone

I didn't realize they have 36 slopes, I only saw about 10 ; )

Ski Hills At Mount St. Louis Moonstone

Snowboarding at Mount St. Louis Moonstone, Ontario, Canada

Fun Day at Mount St. Louis Moonstone

From all these photos, you totally can't tell that there are over 2000 skiers here today!  hmmmm... how did I manage to take all these photos without them?  ; D

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