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This is such a Beautiful Papaya Flower, some people are just so creative!

Beautiful Papaya Flower

During our 21 Day Asian Expedition, we visited Penang in Malaysia and stayed at the Holiday Inn Resort.  In addition to relaxing by the poolside, relishing every little bit of the scrumptious brunch buffet, admiring their spa's work on my freshly manicured hands and feet, the chef also gave us a little treat by picking up a papaya and and started to carve away this way and that:

Holiday Inn Resort Chef carving a papaya

Flower made out of Papaya

In no time, he made this beautiful flower.  He made it seem so easy, he almost convinced me that I can do it too!   .... almost being the key word ; )

Beautiful Papaya Flower

Beautiful Papaya Flower

Here are some more photos of other fruit carvings.  Some people are just so talented!

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xox Lily.