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Scotia Bank holds some really cool events such as the Buskerfest and nuit blanche both of which I've actually visited this year.

Buskerfest is a fundraising event organized by the Scotia Bank where street performers from all over the globe gather in downtown Toronto in support of Epilepsy Toronto.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the following performances as we were late getting there.  Thanks Eddie for sending the photos!

Lily Daily - Buskerfest3 Lily Daily - Buskerfest2 Lily Daily - Buskerfest1 Lily Daily - Buskerfest

Lily Daily - Buskerfest4

This is what we saw when we arrived:

Singer with beautiful voice and groovy moves:

Lily Daily - Buskerfest5

Talented artist:

Lily Daily - Buskerfest6

"Live" manikin:

Lily Daily - Buskerfest7

Lily Daily - Buskerfest8

Rhu player (Chinese "fiddle/violin"):

Lily Daily - buskerfest13

How many plates can he balance at once?  hmmmmm

Lily Daily - Buskerfest9

Night market!

Lily Daily - Buskerfest10

Percussionist using just his own voice!

Lily Daily - Buskerfest11

Person walking on stilts:

Lily Daily - buskerfest14

Up and coming band:

Lily Daily - buskerfest15

Folk music!

Lily Daily - buskerfest16 Lily Daily - buskerfest17

An escape artist:

Lily Daily - buskerfest18

Flame thrower:

Lily Daily - buskerfest19 Lily Daily - buskerfest20 Lily Daily - buskerfest21 Lily Daily - buskerfest22

And there are still a lot more we didn't see!  If you ever plan to drop by Buskerfest next year, don't forget to bring loose change and give it to performers that are well deserving as this is the only way they get paid for being a part of this event.

'Till next time!

xox Lily.