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Chinese New Year - the year of the monkey is coming up on Monday and we feasted with our family last night.  As promised, here's our Chinese New Year Dinner Menu that I prepared from scratch.. I was in the kitchen for the whole entire day ; )

Chinese New Year Dinner Menu

  1. Malaysian Curry Chicken

Chinese New Year Feast

Chinese New Year Dinner Menu

2. Stir Fried Baby Yu Choi with Garlic and Shallots

Chinese New Year Celebration3. Pan Braised Sea Bass

Chinese New Year Sea Bass with Soy Sauce

Lunar Year of the Monkey Braised Fish4. Broccoli With Fried Shallots

Broccoli with fried shallots

5. Stir Fried King Oyster Mushroom, Garlic Stems and Shredded Chicken

Chinese stir fried chicken with vegetables

6. Sweet & Spicy Shrimps

Year of the Monkey Lunar Feast Spicy and Sweet Tiger Shrimps7. Pan Fried Green Beans

Chinese style braised green beans with soy sauce Chinese New Year feast

Wasn't sure if I made enough food for 20 so I purchased a couple of items from the restaurant:

8. BBQ Duck from Legend Chinese Restaurant ; )

Roasted Chinese Duck from Legend Restaurant in Toronto

9. BBQ Pork (Char Siu) also from Legend Chinese Restaurant ; )

11. Ginger Onion Lobster

Lunar Year Celebration, Ginger Onion Lobster

10. Dumplings - they are a must for Chinese New Year since it's considered as a lucky food, it stands for gold ingots or wealth.

Golden Nugget, chicken and chinese cabbage dumplings, chinese new year must eats

Chinese Lunar Celebration Menu dumplings

And of course... Jasmine long grain white rice.

I will post the recipes and step by step instructions of each item in the near future, so come back and visit often!

'Till then,

xox Lily.