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This salad is so refreshing and is a great accompaniment to meaty and curry dishes.

All you need is an English cucumber, rice vinegar, brown sugar, sesame seed oil and some salt.

1. Cut cucumber into thin slices:

Lily Daily - Cucumber Salad

Lily Daily - Cucumber Salad1

2. Add 1 t salt to draw out extra juice:

Lily Daily - Cucumber Salad3

3. Wait around 5 minutes or until you see some juice accumulating in the plate.

Lily Daily - Cucumber Salad4

Then start squeezing the juice out of the cucumber (don't need to squeeze hard and get all the juice out, just any excess is good) and place them in another plate.

Lily Daily - Cucumber Salad - Squeeze out Extra juice

This is roughly the amount you might squeeze out:

Lily Daily - Cucumber Salad - extra juice

All ready for the dressing:  3 TB vinegar, 3 TB brown sugar and 1TB sesame seed oil.  Combine and pour over cucumber.
Lily Daily - Cucumber Salad6

All done, enjoy!Lily Daily - Cucumber Salad7

'Till next time,

xox Lily.