April 12, 2021 1 min read 0 Comments

Did you know that you can literally have an endless supply of green onions by doing the following with a store bought bundle?

Lily Daily - Endless Green Onion

 Step 1 - Cut the green part off, use that in your recipes accordingly:

Lily Daily - Endless Green Onion1

Step 2:  Place the stems/roots in a container with water:

Lily Daily - Endless Green Onion2

Make sure you keep this somewhere that has lots of sunlight during the day.  Don't forget to add water to it on a regular basis, there should be enough water to at least cover the roots, then watch it grow.  In 1½ - 2 weeks you'll have more green onions.  I will post the "after" photos later.

12 days later......

Lily Daily - Green Onions 12 days later




That's it.  This simple.

'Till next time!

xox Lily.