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Apparently, the colour of your favourite goto outfits tell a lot about you.  What you wear and the colour you choose to wear subconsciously tells you what mood you're in or what state of mind you're at.  If you feel good with the outfit you're wearing, your mood will be uplifted as well.

Favourite Goto Outfits

I have a couple of favourite goto outfits for a warm winter's day.  This is one of them.

Favourite Goto Outfit

I often wear black and notice that these days, I appreciate splash of colours and patterns.  I especially love wearing these bright blue pants.  Interestingly enough, they say that the colour you choose to wear can be a reflection of what phase you are currently going through.

My favourite winter outfit knee high boots, biker's jacket

In a warm winter's day, I love wearing Ci Sono by Cavalini's fitted black vegan leather biker's jacket I purchased at Winners, the 100% wool Fisherman Knitted Cabled Cowl I made the other day, blue Premium Super Skinny Jeans from the Gap, courtesy of my generous sister-in-law, Cindy and my vegan leather super comfortable low heeled, Shumaker knee high boots I purchased from Markville Shopping Centre.

Shumaker's vegan leather knee high boots

By the way, just in case you've never heard of the term "vegan" leather, it's just a muuuuuch nicer way of saying fake or faux leather ; D  I didn't go look for the vegan leather but just ended up liking the style.

Check out these articles on colours you wear and what it says about your personality.  You too might find it interesting!

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