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The only place to get the freshest sushi out of this world must be from The Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, it is one of the top 10 must sees in Tokyo.  It is known to be THE place that all the restaurants source their fish for sushi making in Japan.  We love sushi so we had to come by and check it out.

Freshest Sushi Out Of This World

It is exactly what you would expect at a wholesale food terminal.  Carts and buggies hustling everywhere.

Biggest Fish Market in Japan

Tsukiji Fish Market in Japan

There are guided tours for the Tsukiji Fish Market but we decided to explore the place by ourselves.

There were lots of stands selling dried goods, t-shirts, fruits, seaweeds, etc.

market stands in Tsukiji Fish Market

Stands at the fish market in Tokyo

But the market was mainly filled with many, many, many (did I mention many?) tiny sushi restaurants...

Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo

Crowds everywhere ...

Tiny Sushi restaurants in tsukijimore sushi stand-like restaurants to choose from..

Tsukiji Fish Market in Japan

We finally settled here:

Restaurant at Tsukiji Fish Market

After lining up what seemed to be like hours....

Sushi in Tsukiji Fish Market

We finally got in!

Sushi counter at Tsukiji Fish Market

Tasted the freshest sushi we've ever had!

Best Sushi at Tsukiji Fish Market

Freshest Sushi Out Of this world

If you can't visit Tokyo just yet, you can also try the freshest sushi closer to home.  Here are some highly recommended sushi and Japanese restaurants.

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