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This friendship panini is so simple to make and so very delicious.  It only takes less than a couple of minutes to assemble and another 2 minutes to toast in the machine.  In fact, you can make this nutritious, delicious lunch or snack in less than five minutes.

Friendship Panini

My friend Julie introduced me to paninis a few months ago, and I was hooked ever since.  This recipe was inspired by some of my special friends and each ingredient happens to be a favourite of theirs that they mentioned to me along the way.

All you need are as follows:  Daryl's bread from Cobs Bread, Julie's secret weapon - butter breads on the outside where you're planning to toast, Jean's no nitrite deli meats from Ressor's Chicken and Deli, Angela's mozzarella cheese (as she said cheddar cheese have food colouring).

I like to use either Cobs' Chia whole wheat bread:

Lily Daily - Cobs Bread's Chia Whole Wheat Bread

Lily Daily - Cobs Bread's Chia Whole Wheat Loaf

Or Cobs' Cape Seed Bread:

Lily Daily - Cobb's Cape Seed Bread

Lily Daily - Cobs Bread's Cape Seed Loaf

Butter the outside:

Lily Daily - Bread with butter

Add mozzarella:

Lily Daily - Bread with mozarella

Then add nitrite-free deli meat (www.ReesorsChickenAndDeli.com), in this case, black forest ham:

Lily Daily - Bread with Black Forest Ham (nitrite free)

(Optional:  Add my husband's Dijon mustard, cucumber and romaine lettuce, my son's bacon, Daryl's thinly sliced tomato, red onion, mayonnaise  .......and anything else you may like)

Put the other bread on top:

Lily Daily - Panini Sandwich

Place the sandwich in the panini machine, or in this case, my George Foreman grill (it works very well!)

Lily Daily - panini on grill

Close the lid:

Lily Daily - close grill

2 minutes later........

Friendship Panini

Yum yum!!

Lily Daily - Panini on plate


'Till next time,

xox Lily.