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Our kids always look forward to our annual Happy Easter Egg Hunt.

Happy Easter Egg Hunt

I love parties and get togethers.  We especially enjoy Easter because of the annual Egg Hunt I prepare for our kids and their cousins.  This year is our 10th year, time sure flies!

Every year I like to stuff each plastic egg full of candies and little toys.  Because the kids are older now, instead of toys or little trinkets from the dollar store, I decided to include money (coins) so that they can buy whatever they want afterwards as opposed to collecting a bunch of "junk".

Preparing for Easter EggsAfter stuffing 160 eggs and a couple of hours later, it's time to hide them!

Easter eggs all ready to go!

Place some here:

Easter Egg Hunt

Place some there:

Having Fun Preparing for Easter Egg Hunt

Oh, here's a good spot!

Having Fun Hiding Easter Eggs

Last few.... where to hide them?

Happy Easter Egg Hunt

How about here?

Easter Eggs growing in hedges

My work is done.  Time to call the kids!

Happy Easter Egg Hunt with the kids

Looks like they had as much fun as I did!

Hunting for Easter Eggs

Fun Hunting for Easter Eggs

Hope you had a wonderful Easter too!

'Till next time,

xox Lily.