April 14, 2021 1 min read 0 Comments

Malaysia's highly impressive dessert Roti Tissue is such a delicious tower of delight.  It was introduced to us during our 21 days of Asia Expedition

Highly Impressive Dessert Roti Tissue

This roti is thin, light, super crispy on the outside yet somehow remained chewy or roti-like in the middle, coated with generous amounts of butter, honey and condensed milk.
Roti Tissue Malaysia Dessert

It was impressive to look at, fun to eat and such a memorable experience!

Highly Impressive Dessert Roti Tissue

Here's a video of how they're made.  And just in case you're wondering... no, "tissue", as in what we wipe our hands and mouth with is not part of the ingredient ; )

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xox Lily.