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I promised in my King Edward Hotel Sunday Buffet post that I'll blog about the YUMMIEST and EASIEST Jerk Chicken EVER.  That is, Jerk Chicken In A Bottle.

All you need is chicken and a bottle of this jerk marinade.  I bought it at Stuart Carroll's Quality Meats in York Farmer's Market on Yonge Street.  My kids love to goto this farmers market, they always come out with many treats such as all natural dried mangos from Sam The Mango Man, french baguettes from Cobs Bread, nitrate free deli meats from Reesor's Organics and Fine Cheese Shop and old fashioned soda from Squeeze-It Juice Bar.  I will take you on a tour one day!

Ok, back to the delicious jerk marinade.  This marinade does have a kick but the kids love it!  Give them milk to drink instead of water to ease the heat on the tongue : )

Lily Daily - Jerk Chicken In A Bottle

Add enough marinade to cover all the chicken and leave it covered in the fridge overnight.

Lily Daily - Jerk Chicken Legs

The next day, heat oven to 400F.  Place in oven for 40 minutes or until cooked.  If you don't have a meat thermometer, you can check the doneness by poking something sharp in the meat i.e. fork, knife and if the juice runs clear (no blood), then it is done.

Lily Daily - Easiest Jerk Chicken

Yum Yum Yum

Lily Daily - Best Jerk Chicken Ever

Try it, you'll love it too!

' Till next time,

xox Lily.