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I am always fascinated by different ways of reusing an item that seems old or has come to the end of their usefulness.  Some people are just so creative that they can breath new life into pieces of so called useless junk.  The other day, when my son asked me to knit him a black hat, I was totally inspired by these creatives that I decided to make a knitted hat all recycled.

Knitted Hat All Recycled

I visited Ravelry (a great site for all sorts of beautiful, free knitted and crochet patterns some can be purchased as well) and downloaded Brother in Law Basket-Weave hat, this is a free pattern.  I then dug through my old unfinished knitting projects and found a black, 100% wool, quasi-scarf which was meant to be the beginning of a shawl looking project and a ball of used 100% wool yarn:

Old 100% wool yard  I made some adjustments to the above pattern.  Because the hat is for a child as opposed to an adult, I had to make this into a smaller size.  So I used size 5 circular needles and used double strands of wool since I wanted to make the hat thicker so that it can be nice and warm.

Knitted Hat All Recycled

This is a great pattern to knit, easy to follow.  I am hoping to finish this shortly:

Recycled Knitted Hat

Can't wait to see how it turns out!

In the mean time, there are some interesting recycling projects worth checking out:

  • There's this lady that is amazingly creative.  She's able to beautifully refashion clothing from thrift store finds into gorgeous wearable outfits!
  • Here are amazing ways to use blinder clips, you won't look at them the same way ever again!
  • And also these pop cans, save them if you have time to give them a face lift!

'Till next time,

xox Lily.