April 12, 2021 1 min read 0 Comments

I was finally able to get a haircut today after the holiday break.  I always love the feeling of getting a good haircut, I feel uplifted, renewed, refreshed and energized!

Angel Hair Salon (7378 Yonge St, Unit 27B, Thornhill, Yonge & Steeles) welcomed me with modest decor and relaxing classical music.

Lily Daily - Angel Hair Salon Thornhill

Even though the owner, Elisha, mainly spoke Korean, she easily understood what I was requesting in English and worked her magic by framing my face with soft, beautiful long layers while keeping the overall length of my hair, the way I like it.

Lily Daily - Angel Hair Salon, hair style, long layers Lily Daily - Angel Hair Salon, hair style

Yes, from the photos it probably look like I didn't even get a haircut but my head sure feels so much lighter!  (and yes, yes, probably should get more highlights, will wait until everything grows out)  ; )

Lily Daily - Angel Hair Salon, hair style1

The best part is, the professional haircut, wash and style only costed $20!  : D

You should give it a try if you're in the neighbourhood:  905-707-1004.

Hope you also had a relaxing and wonderful holiday!

'Till next time,

xox Lily.