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Me to We Travel Mug - David's Tea

I made an unplanned David's Tea shopping spree and couldn't resist purchasing this ME to WE travel mug.

David's Tea sells Me to We Travel Mugs

I am forever touched and amazed at the reach and marketing strategy of Free The Children  (a non-profit organization empowering youth to transform communities and change the world) and their ME to WE campaigns, a global movement empowering people to change the world with their everyday consumer choices.

By purchasing this $36 CAD travel mug, it will provide 6 months of clean water to a child in a developing community in Kenya.  Clean water access reduces illness, allows girls to go to school instead of spending hours collecting water and leads to better agriculture and access to food.  You can actually track your impact by entering a code that comes with the travel mug.

Not only does this purchase help others, you are also getting an useful and quality product.

This mug includes a filter for the tea leafs

Me to We Travel Mug - David's Tea

AND a place to store extra fresh tea leafs if desired, how cool is that!

fresh tea leaf storage for ME to WE travel mugs

I also bought some Milk Oolong from David's Tea for the first time.  It's a luxuriously creamy blend of oolong and all natural milk flavouring.  I love milk and sugar in hot black tea so this is the perfect, silky, creamy, full-bodied cup of daily indulgence : )  It is also surprisingly satisfying to drink by itself.

I'm a huge fan of Free the Children, such an amazing organization, so inspiring!  This is my first ME to WE purchase and I feel GREAT!  Go visit David's Tea and pick up a ME to WE travel mug, you too can feel awesome and make a difference too!  : )

Did I mention 100% of the proceeds from the sale goes to the clean water campaign.  Yes.  100 percent.!!!

'Till next time,

xox Lily.