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If it's one of those days where you don't really want to cook but yet would like a nutritious home-made meal, then this is for you!  It doesn't involved any chopping, washing or preparing.

All you need is to defrost a bucket of the cooked ground beef you prepared from my earlier blog about Chili.

Lily Daily - cooked beef in containers for chili, pasta sauce

Once defrosted, heat up pan using medium heat, add ground beef:

Lily Daily - stir fry ground beef

Add pasta sauce of your choice:

Lily Daily - Pasta sauceMix well, bring it to a bubble, then turn heat to low.  Let it simmer for 20 minutes:

Lily Daily - Pasta meat sauce1In the mean time, cook pasta of your choice according to package instructions, don't forget to add salt!

Lily Daily - Cook pasta

Drain pasta.  At this point, if you're not up for any extras, then skip all the way down to "Adding meat sauce":
Lily Daily - Butter melted in pasta

Put some unsalted butter on the pasta and let it melt, mix well (can skip this step):
Lily Daily - Butter and Pasta

Grate some Parmigiano Reggiano cheese or just parmesan cheese (can skip although very yummy!!):

Lily Daily - Grate cheese

Sprinkle all over pasta (can skip):Lily Daily - Grated cheese with pasta

Mix well (can skip):

Lily Daily - melted cheese with pasta

Plate pasta and add meat sauce:

Lily Daily - spaghetti with tomato meat sauce

Basil for decoration:Lily Daily - Spaghetti with tomato meat sauce1

More cheese if preferred:Lily Daily - spaghetti with tomato meat sauce, basil and cheese

Voila!  Mmmmmmmmmmm……….

Lily Daily - spaghetti with meat sauce Lily Daily with Spaghetti Lily Daily with spaghetti1 Ultimate taste test:Lily Daily - Spaghetti taste test1Lily Daily - Spaghetti taste test

'Till next time!

xox Lily.