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Oh So Yummy Curry Chicken Malaysian Style is so simple to make, that's IF you have Tean's Groumet Malaysian Chicken Curry Paste.  I usually find them at T& T Supermarket.  This taste like the real thing - taste as if you have slaved over in the kitchen for hours preparing the sauce from scratch ; )

Malaysian Curry Sauce from Tean's Gourmet

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Oh So Yummy Curry Chicken Malaysian Style

All you need are as follows:

1 pack of the Tean's Gourmet Malaysian Curry Sauce (above)

1.5 lbs of Diced Chicken

1 finely diced onion

1 diced tomato

3 medium size potatoes

1 can of coconut milk


Heat pan with oil in medium heat, add diced onion.  Stir and cook for a few minutes until fragrant:

finely diced onions for curry chicken

Add diced chicken:

Cook Diced Chicken for Malaysian curry

Stir and cook for 7 minutes or until the colour changes.

Diced Chicken for Malaysian Curry

Meanwhile, heat up another pan with oil, medium heat and add diced potatoes.  Flip them occasionally until most sides are browned, around 10 minutes.  Season generously with salt, or else the curry will taste bland and seem as if it's missing the "kick".

Potatoes for Curry

Once the potatoes and chicken are both nicely browned or changed colour, add the potatoes to the chicken and add curry paste:

Tean's Gourmet Curry Sauce for Curry Chicken


Oh So Yummy Curry Chicken Malaysian Style

Add coconut milk of your choice, I used this brand this time because this is what they have available at the supermarket I visited:

curry chicken's coconut milk

Add coconut milk....

Coconut milk with curry chicken

Looks like this at first:

coconut milk with curry looks like this


stir coconut milk with curry

Add diced tomato:

tomatoes with curry chicken

Stir and let it cook with lid on LOW heat for 30 minutes (the package says 15 minutes but I like to make sure my chicken is really cooked and this also allows all the flavours to fuze and combine with the meat and potato, so I double the time ; )

All done - Malaysian Chicken Curry

Mmmmmm Bon Appetite!

Oh So Easy Malaysian Style Chicken Curry

For you!

Oh So Delicious Malaysian Style Curry Chicken

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