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Japanese One Pot Rice is a traditional meal cooked in single portion clay or metal pots.  The meal in the pot consists of rice and basically anything else you like such as vegetables, seafood or meats.  We found this after visiting the Asakusa Temple and exploring the nearby area (Edo town) by foot:   

Asakusa, Tokyo

while others opt to go for a ride:

Asakusa Temple DistrictRickshaws in Tokyo Asakusa DistrictOne Pot Rice

After a little while, we ended up at this restaurant (do you know how to pronounce this?)

One Pot Rice Restaurant in Asakusa District Japan

They specialize in traditional Japanese one pot rice dishes (do you know what they are called?)

Traditional Japanese One Pot Rice One Pot Rice with Shrimps

We ordered shrimps, seafood and chicken rice.  The dishes were flavourfully delicious!

Japanese Style One Pot Rice

Try these restaurant guides for more Asakusa eateries.

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