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Penang Local Eatery has so many varieties of food to offer.

Penang Local Eatery

Penang Loca Eatry


Lily Daily - Satay stand

Lily Daily - Penang Night Market Food Stand

Lily Daily - Penang Night Market Food Stall Juice Bar



Lily Daily - Penang Local Food Stall

Lily Daily - Penang Eatery

Lily Daily - Famous Fried Oyster with Eggs in Penang

And we ended up eating these:

Prawn Soup Noodle (tasty but too spicy for me):

Lily Daily - Shrimp Soup Noodle

Pan fried oyster with eggs.  This is one of my favourites here.  It was especially tasty with the red sauce.

Lily Daily - Stir Fried Oysters with Eggs

Tandori chicken (I still prefer the one at The Host in Canada)

Lily Daily - Tandori Chicken

Baked sting ray, interestingly tasty.

Lily Daily - Grilled Sting Ray

Stir fried noodles.Lily Daily - Fried Noodle

My favourites were the pan fried oyster with eggs and the satay was to die for!

'Till next time,

xox Lily.