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Hi you!  Happy Sunday!  And speaking of which, I'm allowed to take a little break today away from A - Z Blogging Challenge, so I'm going to give you a little peek of the 18th day of our three week long Asia expedition which we spent at Sentosa Island Palawan Beach Singapore.

Sentosa Island Palawan Beach Singapore

I LOVE beaches.  Anywhere.  Especially the ones with soft, clean white sand.  I enjoy hearing the clashing of the waves, this soothes me.  And it just feels so heavenly walking bare foot on the warm, fluffy sand which gently massages my feet, making me feel good all over.

The beautiful man made Palawan Beach is full of palm trees:Lily Daily - Sentosa Island Palawan Beach Singapore

You can easily pick one......and climb up..

Lily Daily - Asian Expedition Palawan Beach Sentosa

...and up...Lily Daily - Singapore Sentosa Island Palawan Beach

... until you find a good spot to rest....  hold on tight, you're so high up!

Lily Daily - Sentosa Palawan Beach Palm Tree Climbing

Lily Daily - Palm trees at sentosa palawan beach Singapore

... or not!  ; )   lol

Lily daily - Sentosa Palawan Beach SingaporeIt was an extremely hot day:

Lily Daily - Sentosa Island Singapore

so it was perfect to cool off in the water:

Lily Daily - Palawan Beach Sentosa Island Singapore Asia Expedition

And go for their famous real coconut ice cream afterwards:Lily Daily - Real coconut Ice cream - Sentosa Palawan Beach Singapore

mmmmmmm...... it was soooo satisfyingly good....

Lily Daily - Coconut Ice Cream at Sentosa Palawan Beach SingaporeWe had a fun day.

'Till next time,

xox Lily.