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Today's is the 4th day of the A-Z Blogging theme challenge.  There are over 2000 bloggers that joined this crazy challenge of picking a theme for the month of April and blogging daily alphabetically (except Sundays), to their chosen theme.  My theme is Crowd Pleasing Appetizers and we are on the letter "D".  Keep some napkins handy because we'll be making some simply delicious Drool Worthy Crostini!

Simply Delicious Drool Worthy Crostini

All you need are as follows:

1 pack of brie cheese

1 pack of salami

1 baguette

1 small apple

2 TB melted butter or garlic butter

Balsamic vinaigrette glaze (optional)

Handful of fresh basil

Crowd Pleasing Appetizers - Yummy Crostini


First prepare all the ingredients by slicing them.  The most time consuming part about this recipe is slicing the brie (which is super easy to do).  You can either take the rind (white skin) off or you can leave it on, it is edible.

Cut in half:

Cut Brie into slices for Drool Worthy Crostini

Slice away until everything's done.

Slicing Brie to make Simply Delicious Drool Worthy Crostini

Cut salami in half:

Salami for Drool Worthy Recipe

Slice baguette, apple and basil.

Ingredients for Drool Worthy Crostini - A Crowd Pleaser

Now they are ready to be assembled.

Brush baguette with butter:

Assembling Drool Worthy Crostini

Add salami:

Drool Worthy Crostini Recipe

Add slice of Brie:

How To make drool worthy Crostini

then top it off with a thin apple slice:

Simply Delicious Drool Worthy Crostini Recipe

Butter the baking sheet and assemble crostini on top:

Oh So Yummy Drool Worthy Crostini

Broil on low (meaning the heat is only coming from the top) for 10 minutes or until the cheese melts - keep a close eye on this as it broils, your oven might be different so you don't want all that hard work turn into bitter blackened toast!

Super Yummy Drool Worthy Crostini

Sprinkle basil and balsamic vinaigrette glaze (much thicker texture than balsamic vinaigrette, almost syrup like).  Too bad I didn't have any in the house, or else I would have definitely added it.

Drool Worthy Crostini

Mmmmmmmmmm....... yum yum  Now go get a napkin and clean yourself up!

Simply Delicious Drool Worthy Crostini

'Till next time,

xox Lily.