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You probably have seen packages of all sorts of seafood "balls" such as fish, lobster or squid balls in the fridge or freezer sections of Asian supermarkets.  You might have wondered how to cook and where to use them.  There are so many ways to use these pre cooked seafood delight, from putting them in hot pots to cooking a quick bowl of flavourful noodle soup to making this Simply Delicious Stir Fry Snow Peas with Fish Balls.

Simply Delicious Stir Fry Snow Peas with Fish Balls

All you need are as follows:

2 packages of fish balls (cost - $3.33 for both or $1.66 per pack)

Oceanbits Boiled Fish Balls

1 package of snow peas (the one I posted and purchased the other day from Chinatown (cost - $1.25.  Yes, only $1.25 for one whole pack of snow peas below!)

Super cheap produce in Chinatown - snow peas

1 clove of chopped garlic (cost - pennies)

Salt to taste

The total cost of this dish is only $4.58 and it serves 4!


Heat pan with oil in medium heat.  Add garlic.  Stir until fragrant, add snow peas:

Simply Delicious Stir Fry Snow Peas

Stir and cook for 3 minutes, add salt to taste.  All done, set aside (or you can eat this as is).

Yummy Stir Fry Snow Peas

Heat pan with oil meanwhile cut each fish ball in half.  (You can also have two pans going, one for cooking the snow peas, the other for the fish balls).  Add fish balls to heated pan.  Stir fry for 5 minutes until the sides are browned.

Yummy fish balls

Fish balls are done.  You can choose to eat them as is:

Oh so simple stir fry fish balls

or add them to the snow peas:

Super simple stir fry snow peas with fish balls

Stir to combine, ready to eat with a nice bowl of hot rice!

Simply Delicious Stir Fry Snow Peas with Fish Balls

This dish serves four and the ingredients only cost under $5.  It is delicious, nutritious and it is so flavourful that the kids will happily gobble them all up.  Try it!

'Till next time,

xox Lily.