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Hello you,  Come on in!  This is Day 18th or letter "S" of the A-Z Blogging Challenge, my theme is Crowd Pleasing Appetizers.  Make yourself comfortable... Take my hand, let's go explore the Succulent Rangoon With a Twist.

Succulent Rangoon with a Twist

What is rangoon you ask?  Rangoon is a deep-fried dumpling or wanton that are generally stuffed with a combination of crab meat and cream cheese with seasoning varying from garlic, steak sauce, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce and onion or garlic powder.  For this delicious treat I'm about to show you has a twist.  Instead of using crab meat, we'll use ground beef with no cream cheese.  Let's get to it!

All you need are as follows:

1 TB butter

1 lb ground beef

2 garlic cloves minced

1 carrot shredded

1 celery stock finely chopped

1 onion finely chopped

½ pack of thin wanton wrapper

2 TB soy sauce

1 tsp sesame seed oil

plum sauce for dipping

oil for deep frying


Cook the meat according to the directions from Naughty Nacho Supreme until you reach this point, add soy sauce and sesame seed oil, mix to combine.  Cook for a few minutes, set aside to cool.

How to make beef rangoon

Prepare a small dish of water, using your baby finger, spread water onto the edges of the wonton wrapper.  Place meat filling on top:

Succulent Rangoon with a Twist

Gently fold the opposite edges together, squeezing from the bottom to get the air out:

Beef Rangoon Recipe

Take the wrapper from the right side and push it inwards towards the middle:

Crispy and Succulent Beef Rangoon

Squeeze the sides shut, starting from the bottom, making sure you leave no space between the filling and skin:

Rangoon with a twist

Now do the same on the left side:

How to wrap rangoon

Sealing the sides:

Wrapping rangoon 101

There's one, now do that another 23 times or until the filling is done : )

Beef Rangoon made from wonton wrapper

Meanwhile, heat a small pot of oil, enough to deep fry the rangoon:

Beef Rangoon ready to be deep fried

When the oil is heated up, add the rangoon, deep fry for only TWO minutes or when it turns golden:

Crispy And Succulent Rangoon with a Twist

Push them down with a flat frying spatula:

How To Make the best ever beef rangoon

and flip them around so that the top of the rangoon are browning nicely:

Simply Delicious Succulent Rangoon with a twist

Scoop them out, they're ready to eat!

So crispy and succulent rangoon with a twist

Oh yes, you can't forget the dipping sauce!  Place the plum sauce in a small dish:

Succulent Rangoon with a twist

Here, try one:

Oh So Yummy Beef Rangoon

Cover it with sweet, sticky plum sauce:

Rangoon 101


Crispy and Succulent Rangoon with a twist recipe

go on, take a bite!  Mmmmmmm... light and crispy on the outside.... so deliciously succulent on the inside....

Best ever beef rangoon recipe


'till next time,

xox Lily.