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Hello there!  I won't be able to curb your insatiable appetite today since I get a "day off" from the A-Z Blogging Challenge on Sundays.  I will resume my Crowd Pleasing Appetizer theme tomorrow.  In the mean time, have you ever seen the Oldest Hula Hooper in the world?

Weirdest Weight Loss Fad

On our 17th of 21 day Asia Expedition, we ended up in Singapore, taking a relaxing stroll on Orchard Street, one of Singapore's busiest streets.

Busiest street in Singapore Orchard Street

Perhaps he's not the oldest but he's definitely considered old at age 73.  He doesn't hula hoop with the regular plastic hoops, instead he uses wooden ball chains weighing up to 5 kilograms and the length varies up to 3.7 meters.

Latest Weight Loss Fad Wooden Ball Hula Hoop Busker on Orchard Street in Singapore

His name is Mr. Oh Ow Kee and he must be one of the oldest busker, a person who entertains in a public place for donations.  He is often spotted on Orchard Street in Singapore performing "Wood Ball Woola Chains", which he says is an "ancient art practiced by Chinese monks".

Crazy Weight Loss Fad Oldest Hula Hooper on Orchard Street Singapore

He started buskering 16 years ago with his routine on Orchard Street (lined with high end brand name boutiques and considered one of the busiest streets in Singapore) and never looked back.  A furniture store makes these wooden beads and his wife strings them together and he also sells them.

Weirdest Weight Loss Fad Mr. Oh Ow Kee Wooden Ball Hula Hooper on Orchard Street Singapore

He can swing two of these heavy long chains around his neck at once.  It is incredible, you have to check out Timotheus Lee's video below:


Apparently you can learn this in 15 minutes and this exercise is GREAT for LOOSING WEIGHT.  Would you dare to try it?  ; )

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