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What is really inside your "clean" dishwasher... Was I in for a big surprise...  I was just about to put away all the clean dishes in the dishwasher when I noticed that our dishwasher is not fully drained.  I wanted to figure out how to unclog it, so I decided to dive into a cloudy day adventure..

What Is REALLY Inside Your "Clean" Dishwasher

Lily Daily - Draining clogged dishwashers

So here I go at 11:00am, after finding the right tools that were needed, I plunged right in...

What is really inside your "clean" dishwasher

Successfully unscrewed all the parts

Lily Daily - cleaning a clogged dishwasher

Lily Daily - Cleaning Clogged DishwashersLily Daily - Cleaning a Clogged Dishwasher1Lily Daily - Cleaning Clogged Dishwashers2

But it took me forever to take this piece apart (below right).  By the way, when they say to be careful when disconnecting the long pipe from the piece below because the tiny flap can easily break off because it is delicate, IT IS TRUE, mine broke, so BE CAREFUL!

Lily Daily - Unclogging A Stuck DishwasherLily Daily - Unclogging Stuck Dishwashers3


What is REALLY inside your "Clean" dishwasherLily Daily - Unclogging A Stuck dishwasher4

After taking everything apart....  this is what is REALLY inside your "clean" dishwasher...  all these debris stuck (hidden) in the supposedly clean dishwasher, YUK!!!

Lily Daily - Unclog A Dishwasher

Lily Daily - Dishwasher MaintenanceLily Daily - Draining Clogging Dishwasher3

Lily Daily - Unclogging Stuck Dishwashers1

But after all that work in disassembling all the parts, the drain is still clogged!

Lily Daily - Unclog A Dishwasher

So I decided to use a wet vac...

Lily Daily - Clogged Dishwasher1

Nothing visible seems to be blocking the drainage pipe....

Lily Daily - Draining Clogged DishwasherLily Daily - Dishwasher Drain


Lily Daily - Draining Clogged Dishwasher1

So I tried pouring water down the drain several times and sucking the water out with Wet Vac, but NO LUCK, still STUCK!
Lily Daily - Draining Clogged Dishwasher4

At 2:30pm, I needed to pack up and pick up kids.  At least I ended up with a sparkling dishwasher!

........that does not drain.. ?
Lily Daily - Unclog A Dishwasher

See the food deposit close to the front of the door?  That's a telltale sign that your dishwasher is not draining properly, I learned it the hard way!
Lily Daily - Unclogging A Stuck Dishwasher1

So what to do?... I shall call 1-800-dishwasher buster!

Meet me at Snapchat, user id: Lily.Daily  The messages will only be available there for a few more hours before it's gone... forever... into the abyss!.....

I studied these two youtube videos:  GE Profile Dishwasher Maintenance and Dishwasher Maintenance And Cleaning.


It turned out that all I had to do was run the dishwasher in a regular cycle to drain the water.  Thanks to a wise fried ; ) our dishwasher is running much smoother than before AND totally spotless!

.....really amazing, the power of youtube... you can do anything... ok, maybe almost anything... ; )

'Till next time,

xox Lily.