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With all the recent increase in prices for fresh fruits and vegetables, have you ever wondered Where To Buy Super Cheap Fresh Produce so that you can still feed your family with affordable, natural, nutritious food?

Where to Buy Super Cheap Fresh Produce

Have you ever visited your local Chinatown?  There are all sorts of products at extremely low prices including a huge variety of incredibly cheap produce.

Guess how much all of these fresh vegetables and fruits costed?   Take a guess.  Do you have paper and pen handy?  Come on, write it down.  Ready?  Let's take a look...

Incredibly Super Cheap Produce in Chinatown

Snow peas $1.25/pack

Total Cost: $2.50 (=$1.25 x 2)

Super cheap produce in Chinatown - snow peas

Broccoli - $0.39/lb (yes, $0.39/lb for crown only broccoli!!!)

Total cost:  $0.76 (for ALL three heads!!)  By the way, their cauliflower is only $1.99 per head!

Incredibly Cheap Fresh Vegetables in Chinatown - broccoli

These strawberries are $1.50/box

Total cost - $3.00 (=$1.50 x 2)

Super Cheap and fresh fruits in Chinatown

A bag of these vegetables (shown below) - Yu Choy costs $1.00 per bag!!!!  I purchased 2 bags so double the amount of the photo shown below!  (I left the yellow-ed greens in the photo so that you can have an idea of the quality of the vegetables).

Total Cost: $2.00 (= $1.00 x 2)

Incredibly cheap chinese vegetables in chinatown - yu choy

These green onions are 3 for $1.00.

Total cost: $1.00

Super cheap produce in Chinatown - green onions

This huge bunch of cilantro is only $1/bunch

Total cost:  $1.00

Incredibly Cheap Produce in Chinatown - cilantro

So take a guess if you haven't done so already, how much do you think all these costed?

Where to buy Cheap Fresh Produce

$10.26!!!  All of these vegetables could last a week for a family of 4.  Just $10!!!  I've always believed that you can eat nutritiously at a low price, you just have to make a conscious decision with regards to where you buy your groceries.  If your local Chinatown is not close by, you can always try your local Asian markets since typically, Asian markets sell fresh produce at cheaper prices compared to the large chain supermarkets.  One thing to keep in mind is that at times, those cheaper produce might not last as long.  Again, planning is key.  With a little planning, you can eat whole, nutritious food with little cost.

So what was your guess?  Leave a comment I would love to know!

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xox Lily.