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Here's how to make wontons 101.  Once you prepare the filling, it is so easy to make.  Today's filling is ground chicken with Chinese cabbage (stay tuned for the filling recipe in the near future.  Come back and visit often!)  You can also use ground pork with shrimps or shrimps alone.

These deliciously, velvety meat-dough combo hit the spot every time especially in a cold winter's day.  You can also eat these deliciously wrapped wontons anytime, as breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as midnight snack.  When dipped in soy sauce, vinegar, hot sauce variations, they will further tantalize your taste buds.

Wontons 101

Moisten the edges of the wonton skin with water:

How to make wontons

Add filling, in this case, it is ground chicken with Chinese cabbage:

Ground chicken with Chinese cabbage

Fold the ends into a triangle, seal all sides:

Wontons 101

Fold the left side inward, dab the top of the left side with water:

The art of making wontons

Fold right side together with the left, press both angles together, they should stick together nicely.

Wontons 101

How it looks like from another angle (the bottom):

best ever wontons

from the top:

Wontons so simple to make

Repeat 50 more times ; )   .....

Delicious wontons

Bring water to boil:

Making wontons

Add wontons:

yummy Meat wontons

Let it boil for 7 minutes in medium heat.  You can tell they are cooked once they float to the top:

easiest wontons to make

All ready, enjoy!

So good wontons

Here are some restaurants that have the best wontons in Toronto:  Jim Chai Kee (Richmond Hill), Wonton Hut (Markham), Wonton Chai Noodle (Mississauga).

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xox Lily.