14k Gold Sleeper Earrings

These gold filled small hoop earrings will instantly add a splash of style to your everyday outfit.

Comes in sterling silver or 14K gold filled in various sizes, select at checkout.



Sterling Silver:

12mm - tube size: 1.27 mm, post gauge: 0.70mm, 22.5 ga

15mm - tube size: 1.2 mm, post gauge: 0.56mm, 23 ga

20mm - tube size: 1.2mm, post gauge: 0.56mm, 23 ga


14K Gold Filled:

12mm - tube size 1.25 mm, post gauge: 0.74mm, 21 ga

14mm - tube size 1.25 mm, post gauge 0.74mm, 21 ga

20mm - tube size 1.25 mm, post gauge: 0.74mm, 21 ga

Thickness: 2 mm


What is Gold Filled:

Gold filled jewelry is sterling silver covered with a thick layer of gold (usually 5% or 1/20). Because of the thick layer of real gold on top of our pieces, they wear on the skin just like real gold! This means that gold filled pieces are generally safe for individuals with sensitive skin.

Compared to:

Gold plated: a vase metal covered with a thin layer o gold. Prone to tarnishing and chips over time. Some may not be allergy friendly.

Your jewelry will come carefully packaged in a clear anti-tarnish cellophane bag along with an earring card. If this is a gift and you would like us to include a handwritten message, please write it in the notes.