Lava Bar Diffuser Necklace

This lava bar diffuser necklace is not only beautiful, it is also made with lava beads which are natural, porous rocks that make an excellent Aromatherapy Diffuser.  Lava is a stone of protection, strength, and fertility.

Place 1 or 2 drops directly onto the stone and it will naturally diffuse your oils.  Pure therapeutic grade doTERRA essential oils are available here.

All the benefits of aromatherapy and a gorgeous piece you'll want to wear every day!



  • Chain & Clasp: Antique White Gold Plated, Silver Plated, Sterling Silver, 18K gold plated or 14K gold filled
  • Chain Length: 15, 16, 17, 18 or 19"
  • Black Lava Stone Pendant: one 10mm, two 8mm (Each stone is natural and unique therefore they will not be perfectly round in shape due to the porous grooves in each stone.