Rainbow Hematite Heart Earrings

These dainty hematite heart earrings are the cutest and yet so meaningful! They’re made of rainbow hematite stones which grounds, protect and make you feel secure. They provide strength, courage, vitality and endurance. They stimulate concentration, memory and focus, promoting original thoughts.

Who knew a pair of dainty little heart earrings can have such huge benefits!


  • Earring Hooks: Silver Plated or Sterling Silver
  • Hematite Heart Pendant: 8 x 9 mm (l x w) (each stone is unique so the colour and shade you receive may be different than the ones in the photos)
  • Every little heart is made out of individual hematite stone so every shade and colors will be different and the one you receive will not look exactly like the ones in these photos.


Each piece of jewelry is lovingly made just for you by happy hands.