Boho Chic Gypsy Necklace Crystal Birthstone Jewelry

This boho chic gypsy necklace comes in December birthstone crystals or any of the other months as well.  

This necklace draws attention and brings out the sparkle in your eyes and brighten your features.  It will effortlessly add a dash of style and beauty to your favourite dress or business attire.



  • Chain & Clasp: Antique White Gold Plated
  • Swarovski Crystals: 4mm (comes in various colours to select at checkout)
  • Chandelier Charm - Antique White Gold Plated measures 41 x 19mm (from the top of the pendant to the bottom of the crystals) 

Each piece of jewelry is lovingly made just for you by happy hands.  



The colour of Swarovski crystal you choose will best reflect your feelings, actions, thoughts, vibrations and healing.

You should select the crystal colour that appeals to you the most. The colour of choice also represent the feeling of wellbeing associated to the emotion or physical condition you wish to develop.

Blue - trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, truth

Red - desire, passion, strength, courage, love
Pink - romance, love, feminine qualities, passiveness
Green - growth, harmony, stability, endurance
Aquamarine - emotional healing and protection
Purple - wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery
Light Purple - romance, nostalgia
White/Clear - purity, goodness, innocence
Topaz - open-hearted, generosity, charisma, peace, relaxation