MANDALA Boho Earrings and Necklace Set

This mandala earrings and necklace set not only adds a splash of style to your everyday outfit, it might also give you a sense of peace and make you feel more relaxed and happier thanks to the hematite stones.

There are many symbolic meaning of feathers. Some people believe they represent truth, freedom, offers balance, hope and happiness.

Hematite is also known as Alaska Black Diamond. The principal ore of iron, it takes a polish so brilliant that it appears as a black mirror. The dust is an intense red colour. Traditionally used to heal blood disorders, hematite also is said to help focus thoughts.


  • Earring hook - antique white gold plated, silver plated or sterling silver
  • The silver plated circular pendant measures 20 x 20mm, antique white gold plated feather measures 27mm x 6mm
  • Chain, Clasp & components - Antique white Gold plated, silver plated or sterling silver